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Welcome to the new

Welcome to the new

Published by Devin Pitcher on February 10, 2015

We'd like to welcome you to the newly redesigned We've designed our site from the ground up to provide our customers with a better shopping experience, and we'd like to outline a few of the new features of the site that we think our customers will appreciate.

Works on All Devices

With this new design, our website now scales down to fit the device you're browsing from. You now get the full experience on your computer, tablet, and phone, enabling you to browse and make purchases even while you're on the go. Our customers wanted an easier checkout process, so we redesigned the checkout to be cleaner and simpler than before. The checkout is also optimized for your tablet and phone, and makes purchasing a breeze.

Improved Site Search

We have a new search at the top right of every page. Now when you search, we return a live, up-to-date list of matching products as you type. Just begin typing out what you're looking for, and we'll show you the most common results right below the search box so you don't have to leave the page you're on. You can still press enter or click Search to go to the traditional results page as well.

In addition to the new search, we also give you a better way to narrow down your search. Say you're looking for a sword, but you don't want any american swords. You can now use the minus symbol (-) to exclude items from your search, and OR to include more in your search. Simply search "sword -american". Are you wanting to see all swords and daggers? Search for "sword OR dagger".

Improved User Account Dashboard

We know that tracking your online orders is important, so that's why we've completely redone the user account dashboard. You now get a list of all the orders you've placed on, and its payment and shipping status. You'll be able to quickly look and see which orders have shipped, and which are still pending shipment. You can also view the detailed order information to see what you purchased, as well as track the package once it ships. Have a question about your order? We've provided a contact box right in the order details page.

Quick Look

Sometimes when you're scrolling through a list of items, you want to get more information about a particular item, but don't really want to leave your place in the current page. You could just open it in a new tab in your browser, but we thought of something even easier. Quick Look allows you to view more details about a product without losing your place on the current page. A pop-up window will show up on the page with an items images, full description and price. Once you're done, you can close the window and keep scrolling. Or, if you want to buy that item, you can add it to your cart right from Quick Look.

There are so many other new features on our site that we didn't list, but we think you'll notice them right away once you browse our site. We hope you enjoy it, and welcome your feedback. If you have any problems, suggestions or feedback about the new website, please email Devin at