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10” length with finely forged 7” tapered blade. The edges polished bright and the field with a black forged finish. Three circular holes and thick banded bolster. The ivory hilt of best quality work in four ranks with undercut disk pommel and angled shoulder integral finger stop or guard. Original reptile skin covered scabbard with trade iron tape wrap throat and tip. The back with finely cabled plant fiber spine. Wonderful untouched condition with warm patina under encrustation from repeated handling to the grip. The Mangbetu (Congo) were slavers, particularly noted for their cannibalism. Zirngibl (coauthor of African Weapons) referred to these daggers as battle daggers. At the time, tribal warfare was specifically for the purpose of capturing slaves and not territorial. An exceptional example of this rare and important type.

Items containing ivory cannot be shipped outside of the U.S. or in the states of CA, HI, IL, NV, NY, NJ, NH, OR, and WA.

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