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Barbary Coast Wars Period, C.1800. 24 5/8" slightly curved wedge section blade with tapered thrusting point in the North African preference. The back decorated with a band of crescents both sides. Additional abstract decoration in the Muslim taste. Cast bronze hilt with hatched recurved cross guard, Square section grip with bands of crescents and split terminal. Untouched with light original tool marks to the blade, gray patina and a little surface rust growth toward the point. Hilt with fine dark patina. The US entered a treaty with Tripoli in 1796 which guaranteed protection against pirates allowing travel in the Mediterranean for an annual stipend of $83,000. In 1801 the Pasha demanded an increase and America responded by sending the navy resulting in a four year war. The treaty notwithstanding, piracy was rampant in the Mediterranean and Tripoli turned a blind. This sword, from our own collection is a rare example of those used by the barbary pirates.

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