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Late 19th-early 20th century. Embodying the romance and adventure of the colonial period immortalized by Beau Geste, noted by Wikipedia as so accurate, that its author, P. C. Wren, is believed to have served in the Legion. Brass hilt, originally gilt, finely hand chased to presentation quality. Lion head pommel with the main streaming half way down the backstrap. The guard of substantial fighting weight modeled in foliage surrounding a Saharan desert fort, and finely hand detailed. Wire wrapped leather covered grip. The 29 1/2" broad fullered curved s.e. blade of fine fighting form as expected for a French Foreign Officer. Original blade seat. Iron scabbard in excellent preservation. Wonderful example exuding the ambition of the French and the pride of the Foreign Legion who members were dedicated to each other and the ambitions of the Legion, over any other loyalties.
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