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18th century, probably Maratha. 25” length with a crescent blade forged iron head. The haft turned in three ranks with the middle swelled banded and tapering from the middle. This clearly indicated that it doubled as a parrying weapon, probably in the left hand with the sword in the right. Thus, it could be carried in hand and switched when needed as to breach a shield, against which a sword is relatively ineffective. The ring at the butt identifies it as a horseman’s weapon. Untouched, but for the leather band at the butt which has been replaced in more recent times. The surface with deep well used patina. The haft with regular remnants of green paint in the grooves, now dried and flaking with the balance worn of in antiquity. We found no corollary to this example but not that many heads of this type survive with later, plain hafts. Unsurpassed for untouched antique character.

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