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From the William Fagan Premier Collection

Exceptional example of a type of which very few have survived. The quintessential pirate cutlass of the period of Spanish treasure fleets taking gold to Spain. See Boarders Away, p.76 for five examples, hand-illustrated, attesting to their rarity. See also Arms and Armor in Colonial America pl.86 bottom for a closely related example described as early 17th century and op. cit., pl. 88 for the guard and pommel of an example excavated in New York  State. This example is marginally larger at 32” total length and 26 ½” blade, made for a man of exceptional stature. The blade is curved, with narrow back fuller, struck with a maker’s mark (fir cone?) and imported from Europe for mounting in the Americas. The hilt was made in the Caribbean where the sword was mounted. The guard, recurved with large fluted side shell is forged iron as is the simple domed pommel cap. The grip is antler of large proportions, probably whitetail deer which, in the 17th century, produced large bucks in the absence of intense hunting pressure.
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