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Patriots Militant, an organization about which little is known. 30 ¾” blade with repeated war/peace motifs including lamb opposite lion, crossed crook and sword and motto PAX AUT BELLUM (peace or war), owner’s name and PM monogram. The hilt extraordinary for form and quality. Gilt bronze with cross guard and knuckle bow with additional loop guard in the 18th century taste. The right side guard of polished steel with finely chased and gilt borders, and central crook and sword in crown flanked by PM. Reverse with a folding side guard with shield and crook and flail. Ivory grip with remnants of owner's monogram opposite shield. The retailer’s name at the blade forte dates it 1892-99, a period in which America’s population was exploding and industrial might evolving. A period when Old World powers were struggling, some successfully, some unsuccessfully and other, seeking adventure while the competition was otherwise occupied. England fought the Boers horse flank armor. This example, in South Africa, the remnants of the Spanish colonial empire collapsed and France and Germany (with qualifications) sought influence in Africa and the Pacific. In America, this sword stood for a political position easily understood today. The inclusion of a steel guard (which retains its fine original finish) probably doubled the cost of the hilt, but steel stood for power and by association, the power of American industry and military demonstrated by the Great White Fleet of a few years later, sent around the world to demonstrate that America stood for an undefeatable force for peace. The sword, of finest quality and best preservation for the period. The preservation of the steel guard with original iridescent luster in contact with the gilt brass mounts is exceptional. The plated scabbard with fine gilt mounts is fine as made and shows that no detail was overlooked by its gold overlaid blade aperture. An extraordinary sword in exceptional preservation expressing the cultural disposition of the country at the time. The finest 19th century American sword we have ever offered.

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