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Standard pattern, Peterson #32 with three bar hilt and 36" double fullered blade. Completely unmarked. The US government bought swords of this pattern from German makers but they were usually, if not always marked. The Confederacy as well purchased them from the same makers but those examples were not marked as they were imported through the blockades and often intercepted in which cases, tracing them back could have been problematic for the makers. The condition as well conforms to known Confederate examples with a frosty chocolate patina with some light pitting to the blade. Surviving examples were either captured or secreted in barns, etc. resulting in the condition seen here. Circumstances dictate that most surviving weapons used by the Confederacy will never be positively identified. Most were unmarked and the documents for their purchase destroyed. Logic can lead to highly probable speculation, however. It is highly unlikely that this sword was used by a Union trooper, but rather, faced him in the field.

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