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Eastern Adriatic, C.1790-1810. Provincial example, Balkan or Greek, in the Northern European taste, probably made for an officer. Heavy silver hilt decorated throughout in bold relief foliage. Shallow dent to the pommel. Silver wire wrapped grip. 28 7/8” triangular section blade blued and gilt first half with maker’s initial at the base. The blade a German import as was typical throughout Europe. The arms industry in Greece and the Balkans were built largely on a system of specialty centers, each of which would provide a certain service or part for arms which transported from center to center in a sort of production line system. A German blade accords specifically with that system. See The Arms of Greece and Her Balkan Neighbors in the Ottoman Period, Robert Elgood for details. France, with alliances with Italy, Naples and the Illyrian Provinces (modern Croatia, Slovenia, and Gorizia) held the Adriatic in anticipation of a push against the Ottomans when success elsewhere allowed. Based on its style, this sword likely dates to the period of arming to support or resist Napoleon and may well have served on either or both sides allowing for an Ottoman change of loyalties as the French strength grew. Rare.
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