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Albanian early 19th century. 56 5/8” length with a 42” .70 caliber Belgian barrel with maker’s mark and the Liege mark used 1810 and after. Probably Damascus twist. Wood stock with flared butt (slight tip damage), sheathed nearly entirely in iron, well chiseled in foliate motifs. Four brass barrel bands. See Held, p.162-7 for numerous related examples. Held documents that these were made partially or entirely in Northern Italy (Brescia) which lies across the Adriatic, and was part of the Venetian Empire. This example evidently was made and the mounts decorated in Brescia. The brass barrel bands appear to have been made and decorated in Albania. Uniform light wear to the steel mounts. The barrel with brown patina and slight storage oxidation. Minor defects as expected. Albania was part of the Ottoman Empire from its very beginning in the 15th century. Among the most pleasing forms for Ottoman long guns.

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