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From the William Fagan Premier Collection

9 1/2" diamond section blade. The ricasso struck with a maker's mark each side. The balance of particularly slender form. Cross guard with a small ring guard. Ribbed barrel form pommel. Wood grip with original wire wrap-loose with some wire lacking. Metal with light to medium rusting blending to good patina typical for its age. The stiletto was used in a surprise attack and considered an ungentlemanly weapon. The slender grip of this example demonstrates that it was not intended to fight, but to be concealed, then used at the right moment. The thrust relied on the guard which provide a base for the hand and its slender blade could penetrate the full depth of a mans body, impaling the heart. See Edged Weapons, Wilkinson, p.71, bottom, for an example of similar form and proportions.

Stock Number: 98-92

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