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Produced by Boch Freres, Belgium. Depicting the triumphant Napoleon after the Battle of Friedland, 14 June 1897. The border with alternating crowned N in wreaths and a signet of his hat and cane. This is an earlier example from a series produced mostly in the 1920s and well documented including the marks. This example bears an earlier monogram mark, dated by a single source as C.1900, but may well be earlier based on its construction. The company was formed in Belgium in 1841 and produced transfer wear, well established by that time. This plate varies from the later production in detail of form with a lower broader foot as well as the mark and shows glaze toning typical for that earlier period. The subject of the series which promotes Liberty suggests that the first production, of which this is an example may have responded to the civil unrest which resulted in the 1848 Revolutions which swept Europe. Nothing about this example conflicts with that attribution and the “C.1900” seems arbitrary and out of context for that period. Excellent in wire harness for wall hanging.

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