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Crusades period, 12th-13th century. 9 ¼” length, forged iron with lapped seam conical socket pierced for a securing pin and small leaf-shaped medially ridged point. The socket, over 1” at the base would have engaged the heavy ash or oak shaft with the taper continuing to a diameter of 1 ½”-1 ¾”. The inertia of the haft, propelled by the knight’s charger, would have easily penetrated through the human body with mail armor offering no resistance. Plate armor was introduced in the period, offering some measure of protection, depending on the point and angle of impact. However, then as later with a full plate, availability was not universal and the majority of adversaries were poorly protected and at the mercy of such a weapon. This is the killing machine of the King Arthur period of Knightly Chivalry.
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