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Bronze hilt with floral motif pommel and lion mask to the knuckle bow. Shell side guard with classical helmet and weapons motif. Gilt wire wrapped grip. 27 3/4” straight broad fullered blade decorated with military trophy motifs. A provincial made court sword from one of the smaller principalities of northern Europe. In the mid and second half of the 19th century, German states were allied in the German Confederation, imposed by the Napoleon replacing the Holy Roman Empire. Some of the states were very cosmopolitan and others quite rustic. This sword is made with an imported blade (as were virtually all of the period) and a rustic hilt, produced by a bronze caster who probably was more accustomed to making candlesticks. The same situation existed in Colonial America before the Revolution and in the South during the Civil War and the results are very similar: As with the above examples, it is that quaint charm which endears these items to collectors.
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