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From the William Fagan Premier Collection

This remarkable sword is made for use by a warrior in armor to attack another in armor. It is specifically designed to inflict damage which results in a breach of the armor. The hilt, with radial shell guard and curved knuckle bow is made for the gauntleted hand. The large pommel provides balance as well as a grip for the second hand, thus classifying it as a hand and a half sword. The grip is wire wrapped for good purchased. The blade is 27" long, indication use on foot, for thrusting, the most effective attack on an armored opponent It is is crisply marked MEFECIT SOLIG (I was made in Solingen) with the cross and orb each side. Remarkably, it is of finely pattern welded steel with is crisp laminated pattern in excellent preservation. Swords of this type are well known including examples in the Royal Armouries, Leeds and numerous other museums. This example is in exceptional preservation and bears a dab of white paint in the tip of the blade, likely indicative of Manor House display.
Stock Number: FNS1691

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