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William Hogarth (1697-1764) was a highly skilled English artist, represented at the National Gallery, London,Tate Gallery, London and numerous other major collections, some by circumstance of his extraordinary approach to art and life. Disgusted by the corruption of politics and the immorality of the populace, he turned his enormous talents to the production of moral works which satirized everything from scientific zeal to the institution of marriage. Engravings from the originals were made and prints sold by subscription and at large. These allowed average people to purchase the works and owing to their even handed condemnation and extraordinary satirical imagery, they were very popular. The following are original William Hogarth copper plate prints. Dimensions given are plate sizes. Each is professionally mounted and matted in fully protective archival materials and ready for framing. 1759. Lawrence Sterns humor and perspective made him the perfect alter ego to Hogarth himself. Tristram Shandy explores the foibles, prejudices, misconceptions and weakness of human nature in print, just as Hogarth did in oil. No other artist was more fit to provide the introductory illustrations. 6 3/4" x 9". Perfect for the library.

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