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18 3/4" broad tapered wedge section slightly curved blade with flat sides, decorated with inscription panel, rococo foliage. The base with an arms splay of crossed bow, arrow and cannon, each side. That motif indicative of its military or civilian use as these were purchased primarily as side arms for merchants, professionals and off duty military officers. Ebony hilt with stylized bird head pommel. Fluted and banded base with deep Paris and maker's silver marks. Delicate engraved silver bands up both sides and marching silver tang band. Each side with a large oval silver medallion embossed and engraved with a basket of flowers. Rococo foliage engraved cross guard with scroll terminals, one with a chain loop and dented. The other with a deep silver mark. Blade worn from cleaning and with smooth staining. Hilt as expected for its use and complete but for the knuckle chain.

Stock Number: 13-10

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