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This interesting weapon is from a well-known group. They are infantry pikes used during the French Revolutionary Wars against England, Austria, Russia and Prussia.  The head is iron, 22” long, flat one side with raised medial opposite and forged seam conical socket. It was made by forging white-hot iron into an open-faced iron form shaped as the ridged side. The socket was hand-shaped and the seam quite evident as a result. The metal was at least partially reused. The portion forming the ridge is wrought iron while the flat face was finished by forging a reused file on. The pattern is clear full length and clearly indexed, not toolmarks. The haste in which it was produced has resulted in some lamination, voids, and a lamination flake. As with all from this group, the blade base is inscribed with A N for Armee Nationale. 90 ¾” long with the haft covered in congealed pitch or similar, presumably to improve grip (purchase).
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