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Type which served in the American Revolution. See Neumann 47.S. Brass hilt with D form guard and brass grip ferrule. Good double wire wrapped leather covered grip. 25 ½” curved wedge section blade with narrow back fuller. Both sides with remnants of sunburst motifs on blued ground. Minor storage gray surface oxidation only. While these are occasionally encountered with etched decoration, this is the only example we have seen with original blue and “white” decoration remaining. That treatment is on the surface only and undoubtedly was present on many examples now completely devoid and described as plain. George III was of German descent, the House of Hanover, as were all British Kings after Queen Anne (d.1714). During the American Revolution, 30,000 German troops (Hessians) were enlisted to assist the British. Exceptional example.

Stock Number: FNS9599

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