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Displaying classic American interpretation of the European models. The Brass hilt with boat formed guard (referencing the gravy or sauce boats of the period) and straight cross guard. Olive form pommel and leather covered “fish belly” form grip. The hilt evidently made by a provincial bronze caster more accustomed to heavier products like candle sticks and bells. The result is a hilt about 10-15% heavier than its European counterparts. The grip is of iconic American form (see Swords and Blades of the American Revolution, Neumann, 175.S) and is complete retaining remnants of original paint or tar, on the bottom ferrule as well. The blade is 23 5/8” length, broad and narrow fullered with a forging flaw (lamination) to the forte, indicating probable hand hammered construction, and, as with the hilt, seems just a little over large.  The result is a charming provincial short sword which impresses as aching for a fight!
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