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Good early example with extraordinary feature. 41 3/8” length with medially ridged paddle form blade. The base with transverse ridged projection. Tapered haft with flared butt (chipped). The blade with a hole, about ¼” roughly round through and plugged with lead. The natural grain indicates that this hole was cut in and not a natural feature. There is no metal natural to the Fijian islands which are volcanic. This is clearly a European musket ball inlaid in the club. The inlay of teeth (molars) of victims in Fijian clubs is well known and those clubs highly sought by collectors. The Fijian penchant for human flesh is even more well-known and the preservation of a trophy musket ball almost certainly indicates that it was taken from a European who was killed and consumed. This is the only example of this process known to us and we were very actively involved in the Fijian weapons market before the military coup of 1987. Some wear throughout.


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