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C.1835-72. 78 1/2” length. Fine quality iron head, sharply tapered with slightly convex edge, flat medial and cusped base. Bulbous bolster on cylindrical socket secured with a screw. Finely decorated overall in naturalistic foliage. The medial marked one side W LUND FLEET St LONDON. William Lund apprenticed as a razor maker before opening his Fleet Street shop which specialized in best quality gentlemen’s accessories. Metal items were produced but we found no evidence of another such spear, suggesting it was “bespoke,” made to order, probably for an Indian Royal owner. The black japanned haft shows numerous compression marks below the middle probably from the rail of the howdah. Tiger hunting was very dangerous and considered a very manly sport. As well, it was necessary as population expansion displaced the tigers from their home territories. Being highly territorial, tigers would not relocate in the face of human invasion but rather, viewed the intruders as an additional food source.
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