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Prick spur in its developed form with raised curved heel plate. The arms with punch decoration. Large end loops with two buckles intact. The downsloping prick modeled as a bird head, perhaps a raven, with a long heavy bill, swelled throat distinct brow and bulging eyes. The fine details obscured by oxidation but the fundamental form unmistakable. For form, see Der Sporn Pl.V #9 identified as German 1100-1200, Crusades. Pl. VI 1-5 extend the typology with the same identification. The raven has always been important in mythology, including those which preserve the monarchy at the Tower of London. To Vikings, it was identified with Oden who had two ravens serving as his eyes and ears. The Viking era is generally said to end in the late 11th century, easily within the general description from Der Sporn and the use of the raven and Oden are drawn directly from Norse mythology. Thus this spur is Viking inspired if not, in fact, a late Viking spur. The only such figural example we know of.

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