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29" deeply curved double fullered blade, the cutting edge deeply serrated in saw tooth configuration with Indian ricasso. Slightly raised false edge serrated to match. Blade gray with a little frost patina and clear laminar graining. Iron hilt overlaid with silver. The grip with matrix of crossed squares alternating with solid, surrounding a large central naturalistic flower each side. That display is of significance as Aurangzeb abandoned the use of naturalistic floral decoration as a gesture of cleansing the dynasty of his father's influence. His father, Shah Jahan, builder of the Taj Mahal, who favored naturalistic decoration was deposed and imprisoned by Aurangzeb. This sword then, incorporating the choice of a single example rather than a theme of naturalistic decoration, is a blatant statement of defiance or challenge to his ambition placing it in the center, or more likely south India, 1658-1707. Grip in exceptional preservation with a little wear to the high points only and near 100% original silver.

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