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War of Spanish Succession period and related to the English Marlborough pattern. 27 ½” flattened diamond section, the forte of rounded section decorated with ribbon work and ciphers with vestiges continuing up the blade. Brass hilt deeply relief decorated with scrolls, classical figures and portrait busts. Wire wrapped grip. The War of Spanish Succession (1701-14) was fought as Spain was left without an heir to the throne upon the death of Charles II. Intermarriage of the families of the five great powers left both Habsburg and Bourbon heirs seeking the throne. Either would have resulted in a shift of balance of world power. Virtually all the European nations participated in the war which ended with the Treaty of Utrecht which stipulated that France and Spain should never be ruled by a common monarch. Many territorial concessions were made, including the acquisition of Gibraltar by Britain and the loss of the Spanish Netherlands to the Habsburgs. This sword probably served a Dutch officer.

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