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Gilt bronze hilt with fully modeled lion head pommel. Thickened edge shell form guard with crossed anchors and applied copper crown above. Diced ivory grip with oval silver escutcheon. 31 5/8” spadroon form blade with three foliage sprays each side. Blade mostly crisp with a few small isolated black pits and small areas staining. Strictly as expected for use at sea. Hilt retains near all bright gold finish. Evidently serving one of the smaller countries which was assimilated by the Napoleonic Empire and the crown added after the restoration of its monarchy following the defeat of France. Excellent quality and worth some research.

Items containing ivory cannot be shipped outside of the U.S. or in the states of CA, HI, IL, NV, NY, NJ, NH, OR, and WA.

Stock Number: FNS1945

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