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17th century, probably dating to the Thirty Years' War. Finely forged elongated diamond form point, diamond section, on cylindrical socket with short cheek straps. Form and finish of mechanical precision, but definitely hand forged and showing distinct wrought iron lamination. Cylindrical oak haft with conical iron base shoe. The haft with an iron shackle at the bottom and pierced with six rectangular slots for cross lattice members. Purpose unclear, but probably made into a display of military trophies in the late 17th century. As with much ordinance of the Thirty Years' War, this example probably was purchased as surplus for the English Civil Wars. The modification suggests the English taste for display in an English manor house. It recently came to market in England, with a companion, reinforcing the conclusion. 82 1/4" length. Fascinating and untouched but for it modification for display. It likely embellished an English manor house from the 17th century until recently when it became a victim of the crushing English Inheritance Tax which evolved from the Single Estate Duty Act of 1894 and systematically dismantled the noble class in England. A rare survivor of two wars and three centuries of cloistered homage.
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