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From the William Fagan Premier Collection

This is an exceptional example of a sword which evolved with Sweden’s rise to power after the Thirty Years War. It is an arming sword (used by a horseman in armor) for use against a mounted opponent in armor. It conforms to the pattern as evolved, but is significantly larger to be wielded by a warrior of exceptional stature and capable of breaching an opponent’s armor. The form of the hilt is conventional, however, the grip is in two stages, known as hock bottle form in earlier examples, to comfortably accommodate both hands. The blade is of fine form. The forte has broad central fullers flanked by concave thirds, forming the edges. The fullers are inscribed NEC TE ME RE NEC TIMIDE FIDE SED CVI VIDE and PRO DEO ET PATRIA PRO DEO ET PATRIA, each phrase flanked by the cross and orb. The blade is of greater width than other examples encountered, but notably, of conventional length, as length is determined by the distance of engagement and a longer blade would present a disadvantage. Purchased by us in Sweden several years ago.
Stock Number: FNS1562

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