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Probably 1930s. Special pattern, based on the diplomatic sword with "flattened crown" pommel, knuckle bow grip edges and shell guard, all beaded. This example with full relief St. Edward's crown to the shell guard flanked by hand engraved crossed foliate branches. The grip face additionally decorated with intertwined foliage on a hatched ground. 31 1/2" d.e blade decorate 2/3 its length with mixed foliate motifs, crossed military flags, crown, and Thomas & Sons Brook St London. The last a retailer's name as no such maker is recorded. Considerable heavy gilt remaining to the hilt. The blade bright with a few small black stain spots, negligible. The numerous special offices which served the English monarchy and royal household throughout the United Kingdom, each had specific sword patterns designated. Some are identified by Wilkinson and surely the key to all exists somewhere, though we do not have it. The quality of this sword suggests a bearer quite close to the monarch.

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