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Made to hang over the tomb of a knight, interred within an English church or cathedral. Made in eight pieces plus the pivots. Rounded skull and intricate bellows visor vented on both sides. Articulated neck plates front and back. The plate edges are chisel cut, rather than with “tin snips” a universally recognized early construction feature. Wonderful brown patina with the slight buildup of dust/oxidation mix to a chocolate patina characteristic of and specific to helmets (and gauntlets) hung in English churches. The plane of the build-up indicates that the helmet was hung at about a 45o angle with the top/back of the skull catching the falling dust and the visor and bevor largely spared. Knight’s tombs were traditionally hung with the owner’s helmet and gauntlets. In time, many were removed for various reasons and replaced with purpose-made “church helmets” such as this, now very rarely seen on the market.
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