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Early Second period. 5 5/8" diameter with shanked interior moulding. Inner edge with a broad cobalt band and gold overlay in stylized floral patter. Triple corn flower. Central blue and gold band and small blue and gold sunburst (?) to the center. While the process was successful at this time and the pattern well known, this example displays interesting features suggesting early attempts to improve production by the new owner, Thomas Flight. The cobalt pigment is uniformly wear at the ribs suggesting a deviation from the Dr Wall process. The central decoration, as well is weak with gold worn thin. The bottom has a tight hair line crack, possibly also suggesting a variation from the earlier process. Thomas Flight bought the Worcester Porcelain Works in 1783 with the idea of improving quality and expanding capacity. This example clearly shows "tweaking" of the Dr Wall process with mixed results which could only occur in the early years, if the the first year, of Flight ownership.

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