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From the William Fagan Premier Collection

Late La Tene period. A fine example retaining the upper portion of its iron scabbard. The 31” broad double-edged blade has two broad fullers meeting as a low medial ridge and flanked by beveled edges. The tip is rounded as are about a quarter of those found at La Tene, indicative of a fighting technique based in hacking and as some have suggested, slashing with the tip. The change undoubtedly is in response to the Roman threat which, was ultimately successful and ended this period. The iron guard is of the characteristic waveform. And the tang especially well preserved, of diamond section ending with a small bronze pommel. The upper portion of the scabbard, 7” of the front and 9 ½” of the back, is in remarkable preservation with its delicate and graceful front mount and belt mount to the back. That the sword was preserved with its scabbard suggests that it ended its life sacrificed or buried, likely with the warrior who wore it.

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