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This fine armor is composite, as are virtually all surviving examples. It is of particularly good quality, demonstrated especially in the helmet which is finely formed and detailed. It is comprised of original elements but for the legs, which, are antique restorations. The majority of surviving full armors owe their survival to having been used into the period of firearm effectiveness minus leg defenses to decrease weight. Time took its toll as well, with many perishing to neglect and others to metal drives of the great wars. This armor was restored in the Victorian period, probably for display in the armory of one of the huge baronial homes popular with the wealthy at the time. It is Italian, made for a man of trim muscular physique. The breastplate bears an abbreviation for a Latin phrase pledging allegiance to a noble lord. It has been recently refurbished with the replacement of leathers as necessary. Shown with sword #1106. 80" height with stand.

Stock Number: 97-1049

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