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This pistol is exemplary of those produced in the primary manufacturing center, Elbasan, in central Albania and represents the type in its finest form. Its long elegant proportions distinguish it from most of its contemporaries. See Elgood, pl. 265 for an example according in detail, quality and proportions. Compare to Elgood, pl. 261-4, pistols contemporary with and produced by the same makers, but lacking the proportions of these two fine examples. 18 3/8" overall with stock entirely sheathed in engraved brass with six white metal grape clusters" along the back, each side. The 10" barrel is octagonal at the breech providing a sighting flat and round to the muzzle. It has a chocolate patina over scattered pitting. The lock is excellent with a uniform brown surface. The stock is complete with a wear spot at the left and minor bruises, but for the fore end which shows numerous small dents consistent with its age.

Stock Number: FNS8963

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