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From the William Fagan Premier Collection

At 69” total length, this massive sword descends from those carried by Landschnechts earlier in the century. These swords were carried by specially trained swordsmen of exceptional stature who received triple pay to clear the path ahead of infantry. This example was produced by the esteemed Stantler family of Munich and bears their mark on the blade. The mark was used by both Christoph Stantler I (d.1601) and his son of the same name (d.1 634). Another two handed sword with the same mark, by the Stantlers, is in the Wallace Collection, #A470. Other examples are included in numerous museum collections including the Bavarian National Museum, Munich, The Historical Museum, Vienna, one dated 1575, The Army Museum in Paris (5 examples), the Solothurn Zeughaus, and the Bern Historical Museum as well as others. Among the most revered of two handed swords are the famous two handers of Zurich, preserved in the Swiss National Museum. A two handed sword by the Stantlers, is nothing short off the Holy Grail of edged weapons collection!

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