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From the William Fagan Premier Collection

This exceedingly rare and important element of armor is from the Sir Edward Barry Collection at Ockwells Manor, Bray, Berkshire, England. It was featured and illustrated in the February 1905 issue of Connoisseur where the collection was presented by Sir Guy Laking, M.V.O., F.S.A., Keeper of the Kings Armoury. It is made in two major plates connected by a screw which provided a degree of flexibility in action. A related armor with similar breastplate is illustrated by Stone, Fig. 37, #1, dated C.1460. Predating the more recognizable but still very rare High Gothic armors embellished with fluting and scalloped edges, this element is from the earliest period of full plate armor. Few major elements, helmet, breastplate or gauntlets from that period survive outside public collections. In our 49 years experience we do not recall, nor has our research revealed, a single comparable example on the market. It is further distinguished by its outstanding condition.

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