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From the William Fagan Premier Collection

In the evolution of firearms, the desire to fire multiple shots was exceeded only by the desire to load from the breech end. Colt's revolutionary patents so effectively solved both problems that further solutions, which did not infringe on the Colt patents, often bordered on the bizarre. The harmonica pistol breech block is charged with four percussion loads and inserted in the breech, whereupon it advances vertically with each of the four shots. An unfortunate result is that the shooter's view is obstructed by the rising breech block. To compensate, the front sight, almost as an afterthought, is mounted on the side of the muzzle! The guns were made and proofed in Liege and display the best workmanship and machining of that famed firearms center. The fine rose Damascus twist barrels were a Liege specialty. As sometimes found, this example is otherwise unmarked but for the serial number. It is skillfully hand engraved and preserved with much of its original blued finish to the breech block and trigger with the balance finished in the white.

Barrel: 4" length, .40 cal.

Delivery to CA or NJ requires a FFL recipient.

Stock Number: A1128

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