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This example represents the close helmet in its initial form. The bulbous skull derives directly from the German salade of the late Gothic period. The distinguishing innovation is the attachment of a visor and bevor, replacing the separate buffe. Restored in antiquity with repair plates to the skull and chin and small repairs to some plates. The restorations are achieved without welding or brazing and matching perfectly for form, color and texture and evident only on close inspection. The workmanship of the highest order, employing the most advanced techniques for the period clearly indicating the armory of one of the worlds premier museums, most likely the Tower of London which performed such restorations for its collections since the Tudor period and accommodated nobility as well. The restoration may well have been done in the 18th century when the Tower was well established as a museum and regardless, speaks volumes of the keen perception of the great importance of this helmet and need for its preservation with the finest resources available.

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