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Recently acquired, it is probably the best early example we have offered. 17" length with 4" diameter slightly pointed spherical head. Made of one piece, the head from the root cluster of the sapling utilizing the cleavage, (quite uniformly spaced in this example as a result of careful selection of the sapling) as cutting edges and the gnarled grain for strength. The stem forming the haft which flares below the head and tapers to the slightly stepped middle then expands through the grip to the dished butt. The long grip decorated in hound's tooth bands stopped with transverse bands each end. The ula was carried by every Fijian man used in the raids and wars which provided human flesh for his table. It is iconic among weapons for that reason. Among collectors, they are valued for age with precontact examples being the rarest and most prized patina and evidence of use, and very importantly, the size of the head. This example rates among the very best surviving examples on each of these criteria.

Stock Number: FNS2098

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