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Until 2001, Ken Paul Ltd. was London's leading film prop supplier. Ken's shop was well known as a treasure trove of fine and eclectic antiques, including the occupied coffin clock used in The Rocky Horror movie, as well as a source for the less extraordinary. For nearly five decades it supplied props for virtually every English movie of note from Lawrence of Arabia to Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone as well as television shows including Masterpiece Theater and more recently, Absolutely Fabulous. Items #1021-30 were used in the Sherlock Holmes television series as well as a number of English movies during the 50s-90s. As with any business, getting on with the product took precedence, and film credits were maintained for only a few of the thousands of items in his stock. Nonetheless, a keen eye for spotting the items in English films of the period has produced many matches and given great pleasure and amusement to their owners. 8 7/8" diameter with scalloped edge thickened in four graduated reed section. Hand inscribed monogram top and bottom the back with four angel maker's marks (worn) and inscribed primitive house in trees scene.

Stock Number: FNS1390

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