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Probably South Carolina Low Country. 36 ¾” length. Tapered and leather covered. Faceted silver cap engraved in tendrils with a wreath to the top. The grip with a fully modeled snake coiled around ending on the silver base ferrule. Pulling the grip produces a 12 ½” triangular stiletto blade. The base shoe of conical silver with an iron tip.  Plantation canes originated in the West Indies (Caribbean) in the 18th century and were popular on American plantations through the early 19th. They were carried by male and female plantation owners and were used variously pointing, prodding and beating slaves. This example probably served on a rice plantation where the fear of snakes was particularly prevalent. The decoration is similar to rice stalk decoration on Low Country and particularly Charleston art and furniture of the period. Minor blemishes to the leather only. Very rare.   

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