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Pattern nearly identical to Peterson #11 “Militia NCO Sword” made without the Stars and Bars motif to the guard. Its heavy, broad 21 3/8” double-edged blade is of a width and weight very rarely encountered on these and its length suggests that it was specified for the stature of its owner. Clearly not “off the shelf” and meant for fighting. The embers of war were glowing in the South, particularly South Carolina, from the early 1830s when the concept of nullification (rejection of Federal Law) was born. It follows that a Southern militia would be armed with swords more specifically intended for fighting than would Northern militias which kept to regulations. Frank Barnyak was a professional gun show promoter which gave him unparalleled access to the market. He was known for his ability to ferret out rarities such as this.
Stock Number: A6815

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