From the William Fagan Premier Collection

The hilt with scalloped double shell guard, Swelled medial knuckle bow and spherical pommel. Finely decorated throughout in high relief throughout. The guard shells, in and out, knuckle bow swell quillon block and pommel, each with splays of military weapons and accouterments opposite splays of musical instruments. The knuckle bow struck with the Paris hallmark and the left shell edge with a maker’s mark. Silver wire wrapped grip. The juxtaposition of military and musical (and sometimes artistic) themes is an expression of the development of the character of the owner. Officers were chosen from the noble class and educated in the arts as well as military science. 31 ¼” hollow-faced triangular blade with its rich engraved, blued and gilt decoration bright and virtually complete with minor distress only at the forte from scabbard locket condensation. This sword dates to one of the most historic periods of French history, the Seven Years’ War which manifested itself in North America as the French and Indian War. It likely owes its survival to service in the American Revolution in which France joined 1778. Combination of quality, and condition rarely encountered.

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