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From the William Fagan Premier Collection

The fortress, Aalholm Slot, was built about 1200 AD as a coastal defense to Swedens southern shore on Lollands only natural harbor. The town of Nysted grew to support it and a neighboring Franciscan cloister and flourished under its protection. With the evolution of the Danish monarchy, it became a Royal Castle under Christian II. This example, of fine flamboyant form, is from a distinctly identifiable group, showing superior quality. The deep domed skull has a high broad "white" crest with roped edge. Each hemisphere is embossed with a raised relief crescent form band which is decorative as well as adding strength. The balance of the field is blackened, the transversely stippled brim edge polished in the "white" as well. The curved brim is upturned in fine sweeping terminals. Black and white armor was produced in Germany and used both domestically and exported. It is not uncommon for a Scandinavian arsenal to be equipped with German armor.

Provenance: Aalholm Slot, the Danish Royal Castle at Nysted, Denmark

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