From the William Fagan Ltd. Collection

The form of this helmet is characteristic of Nuremberg burgonets made in the last quarter of the 16th century. Its one piece skull rises to a high backswept comb which is beautifully etched each side with mythological creatures surrounded by foliage on a gilt ground etched in minute pellets. The right side is a mythological lion, the left a griffin. Most original gold remains. The skull, brim, ear flaps and neck guard are all etched in matching scrolling foliage on pellet ground. The brim is struck one side with the mark of Hans Becher (Gyngell P.31) and the other with the Arms of Nuremberg. The brass plume holder at the back would have held an elegant feather splay providing a counterpoint of color and texture. The helmet retains its original deerskin liner band and both leather cheek strap loops.

Provenance: San Francisco Museum of Fine Art

Stock Number: 98-6

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