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Iconic example of Revolutionary War production in untouched condition. 29 ¼” curved, narrow fullered single-edged blade of European manufacture. The majority of American-made swords of the period were built on European blades which were imported unmounted, mostly from Germany where the industry had the tooling to produce them in great quantities. Additionally, owing to their weight, blades, along with steel stock were given bargain shipping rates as they contributed the ballast while taking little room. The blade has decorated both sides with generic floral and arms splay motifs but is otherwise unmarked. The iron hilt is American and made by a highly skilled swordsmith drawing on features found in other American examples. In form, it matches #312.S of Swords and Blades of the American Revolution but is heavier with a ridged medial knuckle bow and double side guards. That feature can be found on #316.S, 319.S, and #327.S, op.cit. as well as the well-known “wagon wheel” guards of the period. The right side loop shows a forged joint, slightly opened over time, revealing its construction. The combined backstrap and pommel are complex and skillfully made. The grip is covered in uncharacteristically very thin leather, perhaps parchment, and wrapped with twisted copper wire, possibly gilt originally. This is clearly the work of a skilled American sword maker embracing American styles and working with the materials at hand. If you owned but one American Revolutionary War sword, this one would serve you well. 

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