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Classic adaptation of the US 1840 NCO sword, either captured or from a Southern militia unit. Standard pattern (The American Sword, Peterson #10) with the blade reduced by about 5”.  Such adaptations, when encountered, are believed to have been made to arm boys or young men, as young as 11 years, and not fully grown. The ricasso with Ames Cabotville markings, 1849 and US WD. The modification, absolutely of the period of use with precisely matching patina/degradation. Condition throughout a little more “well used” than Union examples, probably from having been secreted after the war as many were in anticipation of the reignition of the conflict. From the famed collection of Frank Barnyak, who was a professional gun show promoter which gave him unparalleled access to the market. He was known for his ability to ferret out rarities such as this.
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