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This silver hilted hanger or hunting sword as they were often called was made about 1740-60 and likely served as a side arm for protection in the streets. As with virtually all serviceable weapons, it was pressed into service during the Revolution. As with many of these, it had its knuckle bow removed which provided quicker access and better purchase in action. As well, it removed the English hallmarks. Specific to riflemen firing from cover and who could be ferreted out by scouts, after the shot was taken, and attacked.  The weapon needed for the defense was a short sword or large knife for hand-to-hand fighting. Civilian hangers were well suited but the guards inhibited immediate purchase and often, as here, were simply broken off to give immediate access to the grip. This example has a 21 ¾” blade with a fleur de lis mark each side. It is untouched as found in New England in the 1960s.
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