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Type identified in Swords and Blades of the American Revolution, Nuemann, as “hunting swords” and illustrated op.cit. #85.S and #86.S.  In fact, they were civilian side arms made for protection in the streets, and as necessary, were pressed into military service. This example is distinguished by its fine gilt brass hilt with dragon’s head, gargoyle and human faces delineated in full relief. The pommel as a cherub’s face. Gnarled anther grip. The guard is preserved in near pristine condition with its crisp original detail intact and remnants of original gold in protected areas. The 21 ½” curved blade is triple fullered at the forte and bears the cross and orb mark and anchor marks to the right side. It’s surface is dark with mixed old pitting evidently from storage in a scabbard, yet characterful for the period. The hilt is the best we have seen of its kind.
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