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French and Indian War period and certainly serving in the Revolution. From a group which are unmistakably related to each other and unrelated to any others. No two are alike suggesting that they were produced by many different smiths, probably to a common sample from a pattern book or possible published elsewhere as in a book. The 30 ½” triple fullered blade is a German import lightly decorated with Man in the Moon, Sun Face, stars and clouds. Most American made swords used imported blades, largely from the German industry, which shipped cheaply owing to their weigh. They displaced ballast at virtually no cost to the ship owners. The hilt is made by a blacksmith with a bone grip. Further examples from this group include Swords and Blades of the American Revolution, Neumann, 364.S, 365.S and 366.S, Weapons of the American Revolution, Moore, E-73 and Arms and Armor in Colonial America, Peterson, plate 256 bottom. A sword which displays its Colonial American heritage in form and provincial workmanship.
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